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PrecisionEarth (PE) was introduced in 2010 to "Make Grid Sampling Easy". PE has been very successful, won lots of awards and has a worldwide user community. Requirements under iOS7 inspired Cogent3D to rewrite PrecisionEarth from the ground up. Starting with a clean slate, we incorporated the positive feedback and customer experiences from PrecisionEarth to make another industry changing leap in soil samply technology.

 iCropTrak Soil
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Designed for the iPad, iCropTrak Soil takes PrecisionEarth and makes it faster, more powerful, and even easier to operate and learn. It will also provide a smooth transition to iCropTrak Scouting features and full Farm Management capabilitiesClick HERE to view the iCTSoil demo.


Some of the advances that existing PrecisionEarth users will appreciate are:

1. SIMPLE & FAST - iCT Soil can go from login to your field sample in 3 clicks (see graphics to the left)

2. FIELD OPERATIONAL - iCT Soil can add new growers, farms, field boundaries and zones from the iPad while in the field with your clients.

3. GPS CAPABILITIES- iCT Soil can add new boundaries while in the field with GPS, drawing and importing shape files using iCloud today and others in the future.

4. EASY EXPORT - iCT Soil can export soil sampling results while in the field using one button via email to the lab and customer using syncronization with the cloud, other iCT users, and export to iCloud.

5. SAMPLE HISTORY - iCT Soil can track and display the who, what and where history of every sample. An additional option includes an automatic note of the weather at the time the sample was taken.


Existing PrecisionEarth users should Contact Cogent3D Sales to learn the details of how you can get the mobile app, cloud server for sharing and backup, all upgrades and email support for only $300/year/device.



The current store version will continue to work as long as you stay on iOS 6. You can still download PE to new devices using your Apple iTunes Purchased Button. It may work on some iOS7 devices, but Cogent3D will not provide support related to use under iOS7.

Click here to download the PE Manual

Click here to download Local Connect zip file.